Peep Toe Booties from The Shoe Fetish


A package from Shoe Fetish brighten up my Monday morning yesterday. It gave me an energy booster way more than a cup of coffee could do..:D. I even forgot to take picture of the nicely wrapped package before I ripped it apart.  Inside were a pair of pretty, in an androgyny kind of way, peep toe booties that fit like they were custom made, in the right color, with high enough heel to give me the height without sacrificing comfort.


Shoe Fetish is a growing shoe company focusing to cater the needs of women at the age of 15-30 to be in style and up to date with affordable yet adorable shoes.  Their shoes are 100% made in Indonesia, involving local shoe designers and shoe producers. Supporting local products just made even more easier.
You can find them online at Belanja Sepatu or at FX Plaza, Mazee Area 6th fl (F6)

I tried them right away and didn’t want to take them off. So I just had to ditch my Mango shoes..:D

and off to Pondok Indah Mall they went…(taken at Body & Soul). I worn them since 9.30 AM to 7.00 PM and they just molded to my feet. No blisters to be found and my toes didn’t even feel pinched at all. Absolutely love them!. Thank you Bonita from Shoe Fetish for sending me this.