JFFF; M by Musa

“Fashion is not just to be admired, it must be wearable”.

That’s the quote written at the cover of M by Musa catalog and I couldn’t agree more with him. We don’t buy clothes just so we have something pretty to look at or for the sake of having some kind of masterpiece in our closet, we want to wear them and the more practical the clothes are, the more we’re going to wear them.


M by Musa is one of the rare ready to wear labels from Indonesian designers that are available at major department stores.  I like the idea of finding designer pieces at department store price tags..:), especially when the label has many collection to choose from. M by Musa offers three different scheme of style,  there’s always the basic, the fashion or the ones that comes with a touch of trend and the unique that’s only stocked one per item.  The unique is for the fashion forward, for the people who want something extra ordinary that no one owns. And I believe this is also the designer’s way to channel his creativity and innovation.

The showcased collection at Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival features a calm earth tone and neutral. Nothing neon or glittery. Almost everything can be worn during the day, either to wear to work (and to the happy hour afterward!),  to the meeting or to have lunch date with the girls. The whole thing reflects the quote I put in the beginning of this post. This was also the label fashion show debut, amazing considering it started in his garage around eighteen years ago and now he is more than ready to push it forward to international market.