Travel Essentials

travel-essentialsWhat did you usually bring with you on your bag while travelling? I usually packed some handy items with me to make them feels more exciting and manageable.

Books are always handy, wherever we travel and whatever means we use to reach the destination be it by road or air you’re going to always have a certain amount of time spent doing nothing. What better way to spend it than reading a book? Some of us never have the time to flip through the pages with our daily chores burrying us alive. The books will also helps pass the times when you have to wait long hours at the waiting room.

Music player will keeps you accompany, espescially when you’re travelling alone. The familiarity of your favourite singer will keep you at ease no matter how many hundred of miles you are from home. Choose one that is not so bulky and able to load lots of music with long battery life.

Never forget to bring your digital camera to capture those breathtaking views or unforgettable moments that you wished will remain forever in your heart. Bring back some of those holiday excitement home because when you’re back in your daily routine it’s those moments that put a smile in your face. I heard Panasonic LX 3 which both compact and robust will be perfectfor the task.

Sometimes we can get carried away with the holiday, that we forgot to keep ourselves organize, therefore travel wallet will come handy in times like these. Put your travel document, ticket, itienary, money, spare sim card and other stuff into one travel wallet. That way you will never forget where you put your stuff.

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