DIY Zipper Project

Zipper trend has been around for quite sometime, but it’s here to stay – at least in my wardrobe. As much as I love the zipper trend, I’m unwilling to pay enormous amount of money just for something so simple but because its this season hottest item the price tag suddenly multiplied by 3 times.

What you can do is take your old items that you can’t imagine wearing them anymore but somehow you don’t have the heart to part with them and revamp them with zipper. Ask your tailor to install a zipper, experiment a little because after all this is something that you wouldn’t use anymore in the beginning so you need not be afraid. What I love about zipper is that you can just make pieces that declare “so last season” become “very now”.


I’ve doctored some of my stuff from the boring black jacket, prairie skirt that is so last decade and a sweatshirt that’s becoming to small that I can’t even get out of it.