JFFF; The IPMI Designers

There’s only 13 IPMI designers participating in Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival as opposed to 43 APPMI designers, and each of the IPMI designers present no more than four pieces each.

Yongki BudisutisnaTales from Heaven
The leather capelet is to die for. I love everything about it, the color, the oversize collar, the embellishment on the back. If i own this one, I’m sure I will reach for it again and again.


Stephanus Hamy – Iban
Crochet clothes are usually grandma-ish but surely not this one. This collection has youthful attitude thanks to their summary colors and simple design. The bold beaded jewelry, which is a traditional Iban (one of Dayak tribes) necklace, strengthen the overall look.

Ari Seputra – Deep Forest
I liked this collection when I first saw it at the IPMI fashion show a few months ago and I still like it now. He transformed the eye-catching peacock colors into a more earthy palettes, with some show-stoppers stones and jewelries.

Priyo Oktaviano – Heritage of Bali Van Java
Of course, the clothes and the accessories are drool worthy, but did you see the twirling smokes on the model’s head? Yupe Priyo used burning incense sticks instead of regular hair sticks (or hair chopsticks or tusuk konde :D). Something I’ve never seen before.


Carmanita – Fluorescent Touch
Spandex tights that look so comfortable, with soothing colors, perfect to calm our mind in this hot weather.

Denny Wirawan – The Splendour

Just like Ari Seputra’s collection, this one also has been presented at the IPMI show and it was one of the fews that received a very long applause. Everything is just breathakingly beautiful. I like the fact that he takes inspiration from the Maharaja era but leaves the colors behind and just focus on the black and the luxurious gold. It makes the details even more striking. I would imagine that I will feel like a royal under these beautiful clothes, like someone who lives a privilege life. A princess, but not the disney kind, this one is stronger, with an attitude and knows what she wants. Just my kind of princess…:)