Five Ways for Stippling Brush

You’ve heard so many times that the steep price of Duo Fibre brush is fairly justified by the many ways that you can use it right? Please do not get bored yet, as I’m here to reiterate that exact point again.


If you can and willing, do splurge on the MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush sold at Rp 600,000 which in my humble opinion worth every penny. Both Make Up Show Duo Fibre Brush (Rp 180,000) and Coastal Scents Stippling ($7.95) brush are very recommended dupe for MAC 187 at a very reasonable price.

Here are 5 ways on how you can utilize this very versatile brush:

1. This brush is perfect for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigment. Therefore perfect for applying highlighter or pigmented blush which needs featherweight application. Just swirl the brush lightly over the product and apply the product light-handedly. For pigmented blush, stroke the brush from the hairline into the apple of your cheek whereas for highlighter apply it on your cheekbone. Blend the highlighter and blush together by stroking your brush in circular motion on your cheek area until the pigments are blended together nicely.

2. To apply liquid foundation, put a pea size of foundation on the back of your hand and pick just a little bit with the side part of your brush and deposit it on your face. Even out the foundation by using the head of the brush buffing it into your skin in circular motion. Apply evenly throughout the face. You will get that flawless airbrush look that you always see on the cover of the magazine.

3. For applying powder or mineral foundation for sheerer coverage. Place your brush against the powder and tap the excess. In the same circular motion after applying your primer,  apply the powder or mineral foundation light-handedly until the powder is evenly distributed. The result is natural and seamless.

4. If you’re not willing to dish out extra money to get the smaller version of MAC 187, which is MAC 188 to apply cream blushes you can cheat a little and use this brush instead. Cup the bottom part of the brush so that the size of the head brush is smaller and brush lightly the head brush to your apple of your cheek to apply cream blush creating soft layer of color with dewy finish.

5. Lastly, if you’re really a skincare freak and much prefer avoiding using your finger to apply skincare you can use duo fibre brush instead. Since the synthetic brush is very lightweight and sparsed, it is perfect in applying your skincare because you will get just enough product for your face. It is featherweight therefore you avoid applying pressure to your skin which means you’re not pulling them and it will help to maintain its elasticity. The natural hair at the bottom of your skin helps to support the brush, when you buff the skincare into your skin it will sink in instead of just sitting on top of your skin.

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