Rae Morris’ Fab Faces

415qxojmd5l_ss400_ Before I start, let me just tell you to give Kinokuniya a call right now and ask them to keep a copy for you because if you wait any longer, you’ll see yourself banging your head on the wall. Yes, it’s that awesome! Well, I don’t know if Kino sells one, but do make any effort to get this book. Kiss your friend’s a** (LOL!) who lives overseas and has access to this book to CP it for you. Done? Let’s get into details.

The Artist:Rae Morris is Australia’s top makeup artist, winning the prestigious Australian Makeup Artist of The Year for four times. Rae has worked with every aspect of entertainment and media industry. She continues to be the Makeup Director at Australian Fashion Week. She goes back and forth between Sydney and New York.

TOC: the tools, skin prepping, brow rehab, the power of lashes, eye color chart depending on your eye color, countless amazing eye looks to copy, Asian (i.e. slanted) eye looks like you’ve never seen before, over 40 eye looks *coughs..almost..*, contouring, foundation and concealing, bronzing, highlighting, and last but not least, lips and cheeks.

Why I Love This Book: Saying that the looks she creates in this book is fabulous is such an understatement. They are just so gorgeous (the smoky rock chic eyes and the cutest china doll eyes), very creative (mixing fuschia and purple pigment to make your lips oh-so-luscious) and unexpected (metallic eyeshadow for over 40’s that is so not Bobbi Brown). I grin when I see dropping of eyeshadow powder under the models’ eyes when she’s working on them. And I, I place tissue paper right under my eye to catch the powder, so close to the root of my lower lashes it almost touches my eyeball :P. Well, I just need to use cream of some sort to catch the powder and do the face later. Anyway, I find that the looks here are new and fresh and that’s what I need from a makeup book. Another hint: My heart was beating like a generator when I was flipping through the pages of this book in the book store. It was a sign that I gotta get this.

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Why I Love Her: “If you don’t get it right the first time round (or the second, or the tenth time round—Dundan:D), don’t stress. I’ve been doing this for years and I still have to wipe it all off from time to time.”

What I disagree: Her golden rule is to match foundation to your chest area because your face and body must be the same color. Well, my face is an NC37 and my chest is an NC15, and I can’t even wear NC35 on my face because it would be too light for me.

Anywhoops, I’ve learned so much about makeup and how to apply it from this fantastic book—and you will too!


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