Sarah Top from LittleBlackDress

We have decided to make a new column called ‘product of the week’  in which we feature a product that we like or we think people will like. The interesting part is, the product needs to be easily accessible, meaning we can only feature products from local store, either online or the brick and mortar, or maybe some selects overseas stores that ship to our beloved country.


I haven’t browsed around to see if there’s any more good stuff I can’t live without..:), so for now I’ll just share one of my favorite recent purchases. It’s a Sarah top from elbidi , a clothing line owned by FD long time forum member, LittleBlackDress. Elbidi makes simple clothes that makeyou look dressy and put together without putting much effort. The choice of fabrics, the patterns and the little details it offers make such thing possible. This top is so comfortable to wear and the houndstooth pattern screams nothing but classic chic that will last through any season.

IDR 189,000
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