Laser Cut Out and Caged Shoes : Yay or Nay?


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Yay or Nay?

caged_heels_hpI’m sure most of you are familiar with the famed YSL Caged Boots. Now that spring has “sort-of” arrived and warm weather is coming ahead, these caged/laser-cut/eyelets footwear are definitely the right choices to have a dose of fresh air blowing straight to your feet. These shoes are also a great answer to wear in Indonesia’s tropical weather. Don’t you just hate when your feet sweat? Hopefully by wearing these shoes, you would keep your feet dry and you won’t have to suffer the nasty “damp feet” again. But, I’m wondering when wearing them and exposing them to the sunlight, would it give  a  herrendous “waffle” tan-line on our feet ? lol ;d

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Caged Shoes


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Laser Cut Out Shoes *my apologies for the awful scanning :(



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