LaSalle College Presents FashionBloom 2009

fbloom01What is LaSalle Fashion Bloom? It’s a fun-creative-business event where all LaSalle students and graduates as well as other fashion enthusiasts meet. As we all know there’s so many career opportunities in the field of fashion beside being a fashion designer. Some highlighted activities on that day are: Bazaar (Fashionese Daily has 1 booth, so if you are an FD member and a brand owner, you can contact us to participate in displaying and selling your product at the booth. Ciciero Bags will join us there), Fashion Job Fair, Styling Competition, Fashion Show and many more.

The one thing that excites us the most is the Fashion Business Seminar where Koukla and I are invited to be one of the guest speakers..:). It’s really an honor for us to be invited considering the other guest speakers are those who are successful in their fields such as owner of Jabotabek Shopping, owner of BloopEndorse, Marketing Communication Manager of PT Gagan Indonesia (Distributor of Nike, Bebe, Adidas, Ted Baker, etc)…Pheww..Wish us luck ladies….:)

If you’re interested in the business side of fashion then you definitely have to come to this event to gain some insights. Just click on the flyer for more information.