Confessions of a Shopaholic The Movie


I think us girls need to get together to watch this movie.  I watched it about a month ago for a press private review and would love to watch it again at the theater.  It’s true that the story line is different with the one in books but since I read the books years ago I can’t even remember the details anymore..:D. One major difference that I can think about is the fact that in the movie,  Becky Bloomwood is not British. The author believes that there’s Becky Bloomwood in every nationality so she doesn’t think it is necessary for Becky to be one. Besides, Isla Fisher is so adorable that it doesn’t even matter anymore what accent she speaks in.

But just like in the books, the main story line is Becky’s love for all things fashionable and her unhealthy credit card consumption, with a little love story and a lot of humor thrown in there. You just have to watch it yourself how she manages to escape from her debt collector and how she tries to turn her life around.  Now at the theater near you!


For those who have watched, how do you like the movie? What’s your favorite scene?