For those with Dark Circle – Botanics Whitening Eye Cream


I don’t know whether it’s hereditary or not but both my mom and I have the same mega dark circle under our eye. While a certain eye cream with steep price tag which promises to lighten the dark circle complete with anti aging and other goodness works for her, it does not improve the condition of my undereye at all nor it worsen the already panda looking eyes. I maybe targeting the wrong symptomps, because what I need is an eye cream that directly targeted for dark circles with no fuss at the anti aging.

botanics-eye-creamThen come along Botanics Whitening Eye Cream, clarifying with lightening liquorice extract. At only Rp 249,000 a tube which lasted for 6-8 months, I’m more than happy to find that after a week of usage my dark circle became slightly lighter. Of course one cannot expect direct result from a skincare. But in 1 month time I can see a significant improvement in my undereye condition. Liquorice extract and Vitamin C contained in this cream truly does it jobs to lighten the skin. While in the same time turmeric and white tea extracts will help to protect skin from further damage by the sun and environmental factor.

In my opinion eye cream that is packed in a tube with long pointy end is the best kind because you dont risk the cream being contaminated when opening or even worse when laziness creep in you just take the product with your fingers. With this kind of packaging you just need to put two or three dot around your eye area and spread the product evenly with your finger. The formula of the product is very thin but not watery and it doesnt take long for the product to sink into your skin. I’ve tried using it on my upper eyelid and I’ve not experience any irritation but I prefer not to use this on my upper lid because the product contain whitening ingredient.

Although I must say that this eye cream best suited for those targeting to combat their dark circle but the cucumber extract also helps to reduce puffiness eventhough not as good as the eye cream I’ve previously reviewed. On top of that the Ginkgo biloba extract helps to revitalise and improve skin smoothness.

Sometimes Boots have wonderful offer during the sale season, you might want to give this cream a try next time they’re having their sale. Last time I got this product for 2 for Rp 249,000.

Last weekend I went to Boots to check the availability of this product, sadly they dont have the cream in stock. I heard they’re going to repackage the product and they dont know when the new one will arrive. But a little birdie told me that they still have few tubes down in Debenhams Bazaar in Citiwalk and selling at only Rp 69,000. So what are you waiting for? Go run and save your undereye from the dark circle.