From Patchouli to Tuberose, FD Sniff Gathering Report

Despite the early morning schedule (yes, 10 am is early to some of us!), the very first FD Sniff Gathering was a success! We didn’t only have fun sniffing all kinds of exotic and “historical” perfumes, we also learned so much!

The event was held last Saturday at M Lounge, M Pacific Place. The theme of this event was The Premiere. All participants were asked to bring the first fragrance they fell in love with and shared with the others the reasons why.


Some classic and iconic fragrances made an appearance. Lita brought Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, a sweet & soft scent which she discovered in Sephora, NY. Vanya brought a bottle of Christian Dior Tendre Poison with a teensy bit of liquid left in it. She was smitten with this perfume at the first sniff because she thought it oddly reminded her of “Teh Botol”. Sadly, Tendre Poison was discontinued and to this day, Vanya is still on the quest of another perfume that smells like her favorite drink (good luck Vanya! :) )

Hemlis, on the other hand, loves chocolate. She was stunned the first time she tried on Angel, the iconic fragrance 28022009234from Thierry Mugler, because she could definitely smell chocolate in it! Solaia showed us a stunning bottle of Cartier So Pretty Eau Fruitee. It was recommended to her by her favorite fragrance consultant and she found that she really loved it. Even her best friend asked for a bottle! Unfortunately, Cartier So Pretty Eau Fruitee has also been discontinued and if you want to know the smell, you might have to knock on Solaia’s door :)

Silvershore_Lake loves mens fragrances. She brought a bottle of Chanel Allure Homme that actually belongs to her husband. But as we know, Chanel makes fabulous fragrances that it doesn’t matter whether it was pour femme or pour homme :)

I myself brought Chloe Narcisse. This is the first fragrance from my mom’s collection that I wanted to wear for myself. My mom is a fragrance enthusiast and she has all the classics (Chanel No.5, YSL Rive Gauche, etc) but at that time I was too small to appreciate it and instead, I fell for the “slutty” Chloe Narcisse :) Suffice to say, I don’t love this fragrance anymore as it is overly strong and cloying. The scent however still brings back many memories of a more “glamorous” version of my mom.

Lena introduced us to a perfume from Charles Jourdan called L’Insolent. She loves it because it is a great combination of fruit and floral notes without being typically “fresh”. We have to agree, the now discontinued L’Insolent is very unique and unusual, it is definitely worth a virtual trip to eBay! :)

070401_m_logo_pos-copy2The honorary guest of the day, Gandrasta, brought a fascinating fragrance, Lancome Magie Noire (released in 1978) with an equally fascinating story behind it. Magie Noire is a dark, smoky fragrance with an almost “voodoo aura” surrounding it. It is truly captivating. The perfume used to belong to his grandmother and the one he has is still the original bottle. As for the rest of the story, I think it’s too personal to share here so I’m just gonna leave it at that :)

We also sniffed 2 other fragrances : Cartier Roadster and Robert Piquet Baghari. Roadster is a men’s fragrance that was named after a Cartier watch. It is definitely a scent that any woman would love to smell on their men, with notes like bergamot, vetiver, labdanum, patchouli, Cashmere wood and Vanilla.

Baghari received a positive reaction from all of us that day. It opened with powdery floral notes that reminded us of robert-piqueJhonson & Jhonson baby powder (in a good way!) and it is a very comforting fragrance. The other notes include rose, iris, jasmine, fresh citrus, powdery amber and vanilla. Both Cartier Roadster and Robert Piquet Baghari are available at M Pacific Place.

Gandrasta also prepared some handouts for us which included a short history of fragrance, fragrances that set a “landmark” in the history, how to sniff properly (yes, there’s a method!) and some other valuable information that I’ll share with you some other time.

We also learned many interesting tidbits of perfumery such as where the ingredients actually come from. Apparently, some of the most popular ingredients of perfumes (and the most expensive ones) come from our beloved country Indonesia. Patchouli is Nilam and it is grown in Aceh. Vetiver (Akar Wangi) is from Garut, while Tuberose, one of the most popular floral used in fragrance considered to be “mysterious” is none other than bunga sedap malam. So the next time you consider purchasing a fragrance with Tuberose note in it, consider picking the actual flowers from your mom’s garden instead (kidding!)

All in all, it was a fun & insightful morning. On our way to lunch after the event, Gandrasta and I had already started discussing about the next gathering’s theme will be. When we do have it again, be sure you don’t miss it!


Big thanks to M Pacific Place and Aura Cantik for their generous support on this event!