Happy Valentine’s Day!


Even though I don’t particularly care about Valentine’s Day (at least not anymore..hihihi), I don’t completely despise it either, I mean if my loved ones are willing to give me pretty presents on Valentine’s Day, who am I to reject?..:D

The pink paper flower in the picture is actually what urged me to write this entry. It was given by some random kids at bypass traffic light near my house. When I first saw them carrying a bucket of flowers, I thought they were selling them for charity or something. Turned out, they were giving those for free as part of their school advertising campaigns. The school information was glued around the stem in a small piece of paper that acted as leaf. The cutest thing is they used lollipop as the bulb of the flower. And that put a giant smile on my little boy’s face when he saw that.

Schools are starting to accept new student application in this time of year, so  they need to do some advertising, mostly by placing a big hanging banner (spanduk?) filled with school contact information in the busy road near the school. But with so many of those around us, we rarely find one that stick in our mind. This school campaign is smart in a way that  first it doesn’t cost a lot, the students probably helped making those paper flowers in addition to distributing them. Second, it engages the potential customer emotionally. For me, it’s heartwarming to see an act of kindness especially in the middle of jampacked road and the sound of car horns that that we are ‘blessed’ to encounter everyday. So not only they make many kids happy they also established a good first impression about the school that seemed so effortless. Third, the school contact information is in that small piece of paper so anyone who is interested can make a phone call right away or safe the number for future reference or give it to friends/families who are looking for school. Much better than trying to remember the number we see on the giant banner.


With that said, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone….Here’s to a lot of LOVE accompanying our life..:)