Seasons Change..

Yup, even though it seems to rain constantly here in Indonesia, ready or not, spring & summer are coming. Maybe not in jc_11climate, but at least in fashion and makeup right?

So we might have to put the plummy lipsticks and grey eyeshadows away for a while and replace them with hues more suitable for warmer weather.

Wanna learn what’s hot and what’s not for the upcoming Spring & Summer? Why not learn them from a pro? MAC in Mode with Senior Artist, John Stapleton will be held this weekend – February 13th and 14th 2009. Some of FD members have booked appointments and our crew will also be there. Join us!

Also, FD is excited to announce that we will be meeting up with Jon Stapleton himself for a one-on-one interview tomorrow! Got questions for the master? Post them on the comment box below so we can choose 1 best question and we promise to get them answered!

For more info regarding MAC in Mode click here and join the discussion on our forum here