Fleurs D’Ombre by Jean-Charles Brosseau

ombreroseJean-Charles Brosseau is the name behind the famous, classic fragrance Ombre Rose. The fragrance was launched in 1981 and at that time Brosseau had already designed accessories for the greatest names in high fashion and the ready-to-wear designers for 25 years. Ombre Rose was an instant success. In 1983, he signed a contract with the American company Alfin Inc. for the distribution of Ombre Rose in leading stores in the United States. That is how Ombre Rose first came to be sold in New York’s Bergdorf Goodman. From there, Ombre Rose left a trail of oriental-floral fragrance that has now drifted around the world. It became one of the leading perfumes in the United States, Europe, Japan, Scandinavia and Southeast Asia.

Ombre Rose L’Original is a simple, sober and timeless fragrance that passes through ages. 2 generations have already been using it for 20 years. The notes are iris, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, honey, peach, sandalwood and musk.

The first whiff of this powdery, sensual combination, immediately charms with its subtle, original presence.

In 2004, Jean-Charles Brosseau decided to concoct two “avant-garde” fragrances under the generic name of Fleurs d’Ombre in the sunny floral and the green floral ranges.

Ombre Bleu, the perfume  of vacations, beaches and distant journeys;

The perfume Violette-Menthe, designed as an intimate evocation of deep-seated, persistent memories.

The third Fleurs d’Ombre Jasmin Lilas was launched in 2006. fragrances-jasmin-lilas

I had the chance to try Jasmin Lilas and true to its name, the Jasmin note is apparent from the first moment of I spritzed it on my wrist. But it’s not a heavy Jasmine fragrance that my grandmother used to wear, the note is smooth and whispery and balanced very nicely by the other floral notes such as freesia, rose, lilac and lily of the valley. Jasmin Lilas also contains pineapple, Spanish melons, orange blossom, peach and musk. These notes are blended so perfectly together that I could hardly tell each note apart. All I smell was clean, smooth floral with no sharpness or “loudness” from top to the drydown. To me, it’s a perfect perfume for women who don’t want to wear something too overpowering and prefer their fragrances to be understated and simple. It’s also perfect for our hot and humid weather as it stays quite close to the skin. The only thing I wish is for it to last longer, it seems to disappear on my skin after 2 hours. But my skin chemistry tends to do this to any fragrance.

fragrances-roseThe most recent installment of Fleurs d’Ombre is Rose.

“For more than 20 years Asia has honored my Ombre Rose. For my new collection Fleurs d’Ombre, I deeply wanted to take into consideration that characterizes most othe Asian women; purified luxury with an intransigent concern for beauty and perfection, in osmosis with its environment at once minimalist and precious” said Jean-Charles Brosseau.

I love rose fragrances and I am glad to add Fleurs d’Ombre Rose as one of my favorites. The top notes are fruity – bergamot mixed with grapefruit, tangerine-orange, rhubarb-blackcurrant, and apple-melon. But the tartness was quickly rounded with the middle notes of rose, jasmine, freesia. I suppose you can call this a fruity-floral fragrance but not the kind that is generic and boring, that so many department store / celebrity brands are making, Fleurs d’Ombre Rose is sweet, feminine and a little flirty. I don’t see a teenager wearing it, as opposed to the other fruity-floral fragrances out there, I think  it most suitable for a young woman who is free-spirited and cofident but still wants to show her feminine side. If you tend to shy away from floral notes or consider rose to be old-fashioned, you might like this fragrance as the florals in it are fresh and the fruit and wood notes keep it from being too “ladylike”. Also, unlike Jasmin Lilas, Rose lasts longer on my skin. I can still smell the drydown, soft and powdery, 6 hours after I first wore it. Not bad!

I also love the stunning, art-deco bottle of these fragrances that are in the same style as Ombre Rose L’Original. To me, it embodies timeless and classic beauty and I’m sure Mr. Brosseau wants his perfume wearers to feel that :)

Jean-Charles Brosseau Fleurs d’Ombre fragrances are available in Glow Living Plaza Indonesia, M Pacific Place and Harvey Nichols Grand Indonesia.