Clinique’s Latest Stress Buster

On Wednesday, the Fashionese Daily team attended the press launch of Clinique’s latest moisturizer in the Superdefense series, the Superdefense SPF 25/PA++ Age Defense Moisturizer. The event was held at Il Primo restaurant, at the Pearl Garden Resort Apartment, Gatot Subroto – Jakarta.

 As the main theme of the event is stress and its effect to our skin, the guests were greeted by the “stress” they mostly cl01face day to day. The entrance of the restaurant was decorated in a way as if we’re going into a dark tunnel (at this point, Hanzky and I started holding on to each other so we won’t fall to our faces!), then we heard loud traffic noises combined with a high-pitched cry of a baby and suddenly there was some blinking lights flashing in our face making it even harder for us to see where we were going. Stress! But a few seconds later, the door to the restaurant opened and we stepped into the bright, airy, serene interior of Il Primo restaurant where Hanzky and I let out a breath of relief. What an interesting start :)

The event opened with a seminar about managing stress, conducted by Okky Asokawati, former model and Psychologist and Hendra Purjaka, Clinique’s Education & PR Manager. Okky explained that there are a few causes of stress, or “stressors”, such as life events (death, accidents, divorces, etc), work/school and its responsibilities, personal relationships, pain (from being ill) and many more. She said each individual responds differently towards stress. People who are impatient, overly emotional with high temper, always react before they think or in Javanese term we call “grasa grusu” :), are usually affected more by stress. Such people must learn to manage their stress through various methods, such as relaxation, exercise, etc. This is important because studies have proved that over time, stress can lead to diminished health or illness.

Hendra, on the other hand, explained the result of stress that is shown through our skin. Research that was recently conducted by Clinique Laboratories now confirms that internal stress ages skin in similar way as external stresses like sun and pollution. Everyone experiences psychological stress on one level or another and it has long been known that stress can impact skin’s immune system and disrupt its barrier function.

Clinique’s scientists have now discovered how to help conteract the negative visible impacts of emotional stress by supporting skin’s immunity level. In plain and simple terms : stress ages skin and makes it look tired and lifeless. So don’t get stressed out! Clinique can help defend and repair skin from visible early signs of aging with the introduction of New Superdefense SPF 25/PA++ Age Defense Moisturizer. It contains Red Microalgae Extract, a patented “stress-neutralizing” sea extract which helps skin neutralize responses that surface as lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

cl02Clinique Superdefense SPF 25/PA++ Age Defense Moisturizer will be available in Clinique counters in Indonesia on February 2009. Review on FD coming up!

The event was then closed with a soothing harp performance by the beautiful Maya Hasan while the guests were summoned to enjoy refreshments from Il Primo. With music so lovely and food so tasy, it was surely hard to be stressed out! :)

Thank you Clinique for inviting us!