Reminiscences from The 90′s

I’ve been observing that tucked-in shirts to jeans or pants is obviously back to the fashion trend in Jakarta, and I’ve seen so many ABGs religiously dressed up like that. It slightly reminds me back in the 90′s trend when people tucked their baggy shirts with rolled-up sleeves, in their high-waisted momma’s jeans. Cute, no? :D

It has become very clear that the 90′s trend is definitely back to the rotation. First, we already have the vest trend. Second , we also have the legging and colorful tights trend which was also a big hit back in the 80′s. Third, plaids shirts which Dolca & Gabbana had offered for this fall/winter 2008 which reminded us of the grunge style. Fourth , bien sûr the fierce Doc Martens and platform shoes which I had talked about on the previous articles. Fifth, the bare midriff (as seen on Prada S/S 2009). Sixth , the motorcycle leather jacket. And the last but not the least , the upcoming shoulder pads trend.

But I still have one more trend forecast to discuss about. Ripped jeans . One fine day, I saw a junior in my college wearing ripped jeans, baggy t-shirt and a pair of Converse shoes. It looked damn good on her, and I started to think that perhaps this kind of 90′s laid-back style will be back again, apart from the rejection to the Spring/Summer 2008 forecast. Did I just say ‘rejection’? Yes ladies, on last Spring/Summer 2008, some of the designers like Maison Martin Margiela, D’Squared2, and Christopher Kane, and some retails like Topshop and Diesel offered this ripped jeans trend. Some of A-list Hollywood celebritie s were also captured wearing a pair of ripped jeans while taking a stroll. But in fact, many people turned this trend down simply because they thought this trend is such a disaster . But then I browsed  and found out that apparently Balmain have the ripped jeans for the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Is the trend coming back again? However, I still don’t see many people wearing it in real life until today.

So ladies, what do you think about this ripped-jeans trend?


Photos:, personal image collections

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  • DYS

    cheyqua: great trend observation dear :)) i adore balmain’s SS09 .. esp their jacketsss.. duhh pengen bgtt.. jaketnya keren2 smua.. hampir tuh tak taro di editor’s pick tp nyadar siy i cant afford it myself hehe jd ga jd :D anw, speaking abt ripped jeans.. im sure many of us worn them in the 90s :P gw sampe robekin sendiri jeansnya.. trus misal pas fall/winter, dipakein black sheer stockings gt jd keliatan dr dlm robekan2an nya haha.. pasti skrg bakal naik lg tuh, mana printed stotckings lagi rame kan fall ini, and even ripped stockings/tights yg kaya punya rodarte bakal naik jg sptnya.. seru jg tuh dipake underneath ripped jeans.. jd kalo punya stocking robek jgn langsung dibuang bisa di pake lagi haha :D

  • candrakirana

    I love ripped jeans. Makin lama, makin lusuh, makin sobek2, rasanya makin keren. Gue punya satu jeans lama, warnanya udah bener2 faded and udah ripped. I love them! tapi gue terpaksa ninggalin itu di closet gue, soalnya udah ripped di bagian crotch. bakal send a wrong message,kalo udah kayak gitu. hahahahahaha

    DYS: gue juga suka banget jaket2 balmain. grunge rock chic ya. tapi gile ajubile bin bineng mahalnya. hahahaha

  • cheyqua

    DYS.. hehehe.. Balmain emang sinting-sinting, ya koleksinya ya harganya. uhhhh.. dan diriku tak punya ripped jeans!! scara pas trend gua masi SD ekekeke.. tapi emang ripped-jeansnya balmain juara nih dari skian banyak gambar ripped jeans yang kudapat.. :D

  • Koukla

    OMG, lo dapet2 aja lagi foto2 lawasnya chek! Mengingatkan gue sama jaman kejayaan huahaha

    Gue jg punya tuh dulu ripped jeans, Levi’s vintage gitu. Bahannya enaaak bgt saking tuanya, trus bolongnya juga makin lama makin banyak dan gak sopan. Sekarang gue jadi wondering ke mana ya itu jins, pengen tak cari ah (duh dasar emak2 gak tau diri, mau pake jins robek2 :D)

  • Yessica

    You’re have such a great Analysis!! My GOD, I adore your visions so muchhhhhh

  • JURIS..!!!

    trend fashion emang muter terus yak
    yg dulu exist sekarang exist lg

  • itie

    ripped jeans?? hmm harus ubek2 pakaian jaman kuliah niy..klo blom di disposed ma nyokap…

  • FlashR

    hihii sejak ahkir taun kmaren gw juga mulai demen lagi pake ripped jeans nih, dan untung masih banyak jeans robek2 bekas kuliah semester awal hehee..
    btw, balmain emang edan deh, ga ngerti mesti bilang apalagi. kerennya puolll makk!

  • pia

    OMG…NOOOOO. I remember I was one of the ripped jeans fan back in high school. I spent countless hours trying to pick one thread at a time with bobby pin to make my ripped jeans looked worn. While I thought I was super hip and cool (or not) wearing them then, nowadays the only place I might revive them is when I’m attending my junior high or senior high schools reunion. Or perhaps not. With so many great designers and brands and brandless stuff to choose from, why do I want to time travel to the 80′s where the only known brand at that time was 501 Levi’s and [insert other brands here cos for the life of me I couldn’t remember any of them) and the only way to do my hair was spraying a whole bottle of hair spray to make my Farah-Fawcett-look-alike hair kept its shape until lunch break.

  • aiyarahadi

    jadi inget…jaman SMP pake kemeja flanel kancing dibuka, trus clana jeans robek2, plus DocMartens…
    *dulu tomboy banget…*


    Gw suka banget celana jeans robek2 gitu, sampe kuliahan masih pakee….untung sekolan teknik :)

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