What I Learned from The Makeup Classes..

  • When shopping for new foundation. Never try it at the back of your hand, try it on your jawline instead. The right color is the one that disappear on your skin.
  • When using charge water, just mist it and spray it upwards, not directly to your face.
  • When using moisturizer, or foundation or other creams..starts at the center!
  • It’s a good idea to start with foundation first, instead of concealer, that way you can see if you still need the coverage from concealer.
  • To cover your dark circle and brighten your eyes, apply a frosty gold/yellow based eyeshadow under your eyes before concealer.
  • When it comes to eye makeup application, start from the difficult side first. If you’re a right handed, starts with left eye and vice versa.
  • For blush application, just pat the brush, don’t swipe it up and down or left and right since it’s bound to make the blush looks streaky. Simply smile and pat pat pat.
  • If budget is limited, we better off investing in brush than makeups.
  • Matt or satin finish lipstick is perfect for those who have Angelina Jolie like lips. Gloss finish is for those who have thin lips. If you have a thin upper lip and a full bottom lip you can use the gloss only at the upper part.
  • Arch eyebrows complement round face and round eyebrows set complement skinny face.

And the most important thing is…

When it comes to make up, there is no rules except one; Never ever match your eyeshadow with your clothes…:D

Anyone wants to compare notes?…