Fashion, Gossip, Dramas and “the City”

There’s a new Carrie Bradshaw in the City – as said by Page Six magazine in their December issue. Having successfully featured in “the Hills” as the sanest and dramaless person, Whitney Port has come to be many girls’ favorite and a good role model.

The bubbly blond has gone a long way with her career. From interning at Teen Vogue to styling at People’s Revolution, together with reality tv star Lauren Conrad. And now, she has taken the opportunity to work for Diane von Furstenberg in New York City. With her being new and nearly all alone in NYC, juggling between career and a love life, Adam Divello (creator of Laguna Beach, Newport Harbor and the Hills) decided to film the moments in a brand new spin off called “the City”.

The City was premiered Monday December 29th, airing the first two Episodes back-to-back. But instead of Sex and the City, the show bears more resemblance to Gossip Girl with all the downtown-uptown talk (although I have only seen the first three episodes of Gossip Girl).

Blair-left and Olivia-right

Olivia Palermo, fitting in the uptown crowd, is the Blair Waldorf of the City. Olivia acts and looks so much like Blair. The self-proclaimed socialite is Whitney’s co-worker in DvF’s PR department, thinks she’s all that and that Whitney has a lot, a lot to learn in New York, fashion- and social-wise. A little hilarious, she made Whitney and Sammie (Whitney’s new friend in NYC) rolled their eyes when she said out of nowhere, “I wore my first pair of Manolo’s to my debutante ball when I was 17. Honestly, who cares?

Next is one of the downtown girls, Erin Lucas. She and Whitney have known each other for a long time. Erin reminds me of Whitney when she was still working with LC, a friend to laugh or cry with, except Erin is way hippier and crazier – she loves guys, spends time with them, but never takes them seriously.

Then there is Jay Lyon, a young, good-looking Australian native that caught Whitney’s heart when she was still in the Hills. However, Whitney was sort of ‘with’ another guy, Alex, when she met Jay. And when Alex said something about Jay dating his roommate’s best friend, dramas arise.

Last but not least there is Adam Senn with his girl, Allie. Adam is the kind of guy who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, and Allie is often unhappy about that. They have the potential to be the Speidi (Spencer-Heidi , the drama King and Queen of the Hills) of the show. Even though they didn’t earn so much air time in the first 2 episodes (none in the first at all), there are reasons why Mtv wants them on the show.

There are rumors and critics about the genuineness of the storylines, because Mtv has often been suspected of “stretching out” the truth and causing a lot of dramas. My advice, take this show as fun and as lightly as possible. It’s just like watching “Gossip Girl” comes into life after all.

And with all the cameras and dramas around, will Whitney be the next Carrie Bradshaw or will she be the next Serena van der Woodsen? Whatever the answer is, hopefully Whitney will stay sane throughout.

The City is airing on Mtv every Monday, 10 pm Eastern Time or 10 am WIBB on Tuesday. But if your local Mtv does not air the show, or if you don’t have a tv or simply missed the show, you can watch it anytime on

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