Splurge & Steal : Duo Fibre Fan Brush

For those who are always figuring out the best way to not overdo pigmented colored blush, I present you the answer – Duo Fibre Fan Brush. The combination between synthetic and natural hair allow you to have control and precision in applying your blush. This kind of brush is especially good for featherweight application because the hair is not too dense and not too sparse. Since the natural hair will be able to hold the position of the synthetic fibre it will allow you to blend different pigments and powders. For instance when you’re using different product to contour, color and highlight your cheek you would want it to naturally look that they actually belong together instead of looking like three different thing, the brush will help to diffuse the color so it looks like they do belong together. The fan shape makes it easy for applying the blush to the cheek because it will follow the natural contour of your cheekbone.

Splurge on MAC 184 Fibre Fan Brush if you’re willing to dish $22.50 out of your pocket. The flat fan-shaped brush is made from soft synthetic fibre and goat hair blend. It is the same material used in MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush which everyone swears by. This brush however is only available in Pro Store at the moment and thus not available in Indonesia.

Or for a fraction of the MAC brush, find a steal on Make Up Show Duo Fibre Fan Brush at only IDR 60 thousand, which is slightly smaller in size than MAC 184 but have more natural hair which means it will be able to hold the synthetic fibre more. It deliver the same result as MAC 184, all the promise of blendability, featherweight application, etc.

MAC 184 Fibre Fan Brush and Makeup Show Duo Fibre Fan Brush

Makeup Show Duo Fibre Fan Brush with Blush