House of Harlow 1960

I’m not an avid fan of Nicole Ritchie, but I have to admit that since her weight loss (right after she starred on The Simple Life with Paris Hilton), and her dramatic fashion transformation (thanks to Rachel Zoe), her style becomes part of our daily watch list. I definitely like the way she pulls off her jewelries, who could forget her infamous CC Skye leather on golden chain bracelets? Myself, I felt in love with them, they remind me of the gold chains on Chanel handbags, and I bought a stack of cheap lookalikes from Delia’s ;p 

House of Harlow 1960 is Nicole Ritchie‘s jewelry collection, available online at The collection is mainly influenced by Nicole’s love of the sixties and seventies era, thus the year “1960” on her label came from, while “Harlow” is obviously the name of her daughter. Her debut 35-piece collection is a combination of tribal, gypsy, and bohemian-influenced accessories. With a friendly price range from $30 to $150, House of Harlow 1960 is targeted to teens and women in their 30s. Click here to see the collection. 

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