Twofold Influence

The day I heard about Influence, my curiosity came to the forefront of my mind. Mary-Kate and Ashley, who I’ve always thought as the most intriguing set of twins, wrote a book on something they are very passionate about, in their very own interesting way.

First, pick a cover. Do you want Mary-Kate in the front cover and Ashley in the back cover, or the other way around?

Secondly, this book slides a bit from my expectation. I thought it would be all about them. It is, but in another interesting way. We’ve seen MK&A in magazine covers, gossip shows and tabloids. We know what they look like and we know their personal styles. We’ve seen their work too. We’ve seen Elizabeth and James and we’ve seen The Rows. But how far have we seen people behind these girls’ ideas?
It’s like a flashback. Mary-Kate and Ashley interviewed – both individually and together – their favorite icons that inspired them. Here come the big names: Christian Louboutins (yeap, we’ve seen MK&A in those killer heels), David Collins (the blue architect), Margherita Missoni (the ambassador) and many more. Looking at the contents I was just flipping through the book deciding whose interview I should read first.

Last but not least, this isn’t a magazine, mind you. So don’t expect the interviews to be formal and awkward. It’s very refreshing actually with Mary-Kate and Ashley’s choice of words and you can feel the young spirit, passions and intelligence in them. I kinda wished they’d make a video instead. That would be more interesting.