Introducing Fashionese Daily New Layout

Different layout, same great stuff!

We’d like to proudly introduce FD’s new layout. We thought that a new layout was long overdue since we had more information than ever and will plan to add more features in the future. As you can tell, there’s nothing fancy about this new layout because we are focusing more on the web usability aspect so that information can be presented in a clear and concise way based on many inputs of one’s thought process when visiting our site.

We tried to put the most important things in the right place, to remove any ambiguity that exists with our old layout. We try to accomplish this by utilizing the index page as the vocal point of the site, where all the information and latest entries are compiled under. So, whats new with the layout?

  • Integrated flow of information on a single page — when you visit a single article, you can follow another articles (from FD blog). You will be able to narrow your search using provided article tags. We’re still organizing all tag collection. And, we’ll add more content integration with forum.
  • Automated thumbnail system — Now, you should see thumbnails almost everywhere!
  • More advanced search feature — Choose your favorite articles by categories, by tags, or even by author. We will keep them well-organized.
  • Better Tagging capability — If category is not enough, try to visit our Tag Index page. More tags will come.
  • Improved Archiving system — New to Fashionese Daily? Our archive index is must-visit page.
  • Inside Her Bag web-based submission form — You can submit your bag easier now. We’ve created a submission page where the editors can review every submission easily.
  • Entry Summary based on Popularity, This Month and Previously. — You can see this on the sidebar. What’s the popular articles? What’s ‘this-month’ popular articles?
  • Recent Forum Updates in Blog — When reading blog index, we’ll help you not to miss the forum conversation.

This week is going to be a busy one as we are moving things over and integrating it to the new design. We hope you like our new face and as always, we rely on your opinions and suggestion as our way to improve. So please give us a shout!