Meet The Pro – Darwyn Tse

You’ve heard his name spoken fondly by the participants of FD Kelas Dandan, you’ve seen his work in several publications, now let’s meet the man behind those impeccable blending who is also responsible for the training of all MAC Makeup Artists in Indonesia..Darwyn Tse!

Year in Makeup?
What brought you to be a makeup artist?
I basically love the Arts, in any forms… And I love to paint as well. One day it dawned on me that Makeup is the most fun medium to work with, and it brings that extra little sumthin’ out of people. I’m on a mission here, I swore to myself that until every single women and men on earth look beautiful, I ain’t gonna stop sketching, coloring, designing and applying makeup for each and every individual worthy of being noticed and looking fabulous!

Creative inspirations?
From Madonna (The Virgin Mary), to Hollywood, to Autumn, to a little green frog jumping into a lotus pond…
Favorite Technique?
Blending and buffing any products into the skin to achieve that super fine and beautiful result…
Favorite Tool?
Passion & the mind (put these 2 together, you create magic!)
Favorite Product?
Currently: Any of the Mineralize Products at MAC Cosmetics!
Most Memorable Makeup Moment?
Everytime I see a big heartfull smile coming out of my client after each makeup session..
Other interests besides Makeup?
Painting, reading, writing, travelling & meditating…
What do you think of Kelas Dandan FashioneseDaily?
Is there any other word that can describe it better than FABULOUS??


Psst…another much-anticipated Kelas Dandan will be held again this year. We can’t tell you when or where, but if you keep visiting FD, you’ll find out!

Thank you Darwyn for the beautiful pictures!