Preview of “Cult of Cherry” at MAC Soho, NY

Last Tuesday, August 12th, MAC unveiled its new makeup collection, Cult of Cherry, at the MAC store in Soho New York. It’s a preview of their Fall 08 line. I was told that its official launching would be around August 21st, although I heard that the collection would only be available in store around September! *please correct me if I’m wrong :) Being one who never went to any cosmetic preview and launching in the past especially in New York, I’d like to thank purplerebel for suggesting me to come to this event =)

I definitely had a blast, since the highlight of this event was, for me, meeting my fellow FDers, purplerebel, uberboston, FD makeup guru & beauty resident dunia_dandan, and mainly, having our two guest of honors who came all the way from Jakarta : silvershore_lake and tinkerbell, and also their friend, Mbak Indra.

(photo : purplerebel)

(photo courtesy of purplerebel)

I’m not an expert to review this new makeup line, I would leave that to FD beauty residents in the forum =) But what I’ve noticed from my amateur’s view that dark lips are coming back this Fall. The color palette seems to represent the whole colors of cherry, from the fruit itself, its branch and leaf. The model who appears on the official MAC’s Cult of Cherry campaign was at the event. She was wearing a cute cherry printed dress complete with a pair of dangling cherry earrings and looked like she jumped out straight from the ad itself.

(photos from left to right courtesy of uberboston, purplerebel)

I’ve also discovered that most of MAC fake eyelashes are Made in Indonesia! I immediately told uberboston to snap their photos =) Talking about being nationalistic *mumpung masih dalam suasana 17 agustusan yah di Indonesia =) kira2x ada tidak FO kosmetik di Indonesia, atau di Jakarta?

MAC eyelashes are MADE IN INDONESIA !! (photo courtesy of uberboston)

Since I was mostly chitchatting with other FDers instead of checking out MAC’s new makeup collection, the main things that excited me the most in this event were the assortment of petit fours a.k.a finger foods and the free cocktails served by good looking male waiters ;p Godiva chocolate was one of the sponsors at this event, so free chocolate martinis were overflowing during the whole night. Coming straight from work in an empty stomach was a blessing in disguise to savour the finger foods but definitely a bad idea to sip three glasses of martinis. I could notice my distorted eyes on tinkerbell‘s pics ;D.

(GODIVA Chocolate Liquor, photo by purplerebel)

Enough of that, let’s enjoy the following photos courtesy of purplerebel and uberboston *tons of ‘em as I always love to upload them all in every post hehe =) To those who would like to custom purchase MAC’s Cult of Cherry, please visit dunia_dandan‘s lapak at FD Market Plaza, here *FD Market Plaza’s rules & regulations applied!

MAC Soho NY on the night of the event *click on thumbnails (photos: purplerebel)

FDers: dunia_dandan, tinkerbell, purplerebel with tinkerbell in the background *click on thumbnails

(photos: purplerebel)

from left to right: uberboston with the model, dunia_dandan and tinkerbell, uberboston-silvershore_lake-and me *click on thumbnails (photos: uberboston)