Sephora or Jatinegara?

Sephora has been cracking me up lately. After spotting this weird product a few weeks ago, I now saw something on its “Cult Favorites” section that really made me go “Whaaa?”

They call it Pop-Up Travel Brush – Signature Black & Red. I call it my wedding souvenir. I kid you not. This is the exact same thing sans the Sephora logo. And they only cost me IDR 2,500 a pop.

I guess you can’t really blame the poor people outside Indonesia who don’t have ITC Cempaka Mas or Pasar Jatinegara where they live so they had to pay $8 for this “chic, mirrored compact”. And this proves a point that when you brand something, you can get away with selling the item 4 times its regular price ;)