Going Artsy!


When fashion and art collide, it creates a wonderful piece of art. There are a lot of designers who have implemented art into their designs, and we’ve been seeing them quite a lot lately. Louis Vuitton seems to be one of many who always collaborates with a variety of artists, from Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Julie Verhoeven,  to the late Stephen Sprouse and surely with many other artists in the future. The whimsical Prada fairy collection of Spring/Summer 2008 came from the beautiful artwork of James Jean. While Miu Miu has used Liselotte Watkins’s Harlequin illustrations for the Spring/Summer 2008 collection.


There’s Longchamp who collaborated with designer Jeremy Scott and Dutch illustrator Robert Wagt for a limited edition of Le Pliage Bande Dessinée, featuring an embroidered comic strip illustration of a fashion victim visiting Paris, New York and St. Tropez. Le Sport Sac collaborated with Fafi (who has also collaborated with MAC recently), and Simone Legno for Tokidoki. Roberto Cavalli used illustrations by Liselotte Watkins for a limited collection for H&M last year. And H&M itself, paid a tribute to Marimekko for their Spring/Summer 08 collection by using Marimekko’s popular patterns.


Meanwhile, instead of collaborating with artists, other designers simply preferred to use their own art. Alber Elbaz sketched his own illustrations on his collection for Lanvin, that included everything from T-shirts, tote bags to luggage trolleys. Roberta di Camerino, Moschino and Sonia Rykiel used a lot of trompe l’oeil artwork on their collection. Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Moschino, Luella Bartley, Anna Sui, Thakoon, Fendi and many..many.. designers have been infusing art into their collection.


Print illustrations, trompe l’oeil, hand paintings, abstract prints, silk screens, embroideries, appliqués, graffities, comic strips, collages, are among few common techniques used by those artists and designers. But sadly, they usually become so exclusive in a limited edition and come with an unbelievable price. I guess that’s what you have to pay for a piece of art on your clothing and accessories!   


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