Tips Of The Week : Oily Face

For the past few months, I noticed that my face has been more oily than usual. I don’t know whether it’s something I eat or the crazy Jakarta climate or post-labour hormones, but it’s been messing up with my makeup. I would check on the mirror sometimes after lunch to touch up my lippie and always horrified to see my face. It looks like someone has just eaten gorengan off my face! So greasy!

Anyway, liquid foundie has been put away temporarily because of this but even mineral makeup, which usually works better for my oily skin, doesn’t do the trick anymore. Then one day, I was browsing around this thread and found Ciel herself from CielMinerals disposing a useful tip for my condition :

To really absorb oil on your face, try putting on the mineral veil before the foundation (after moisturizer and/or primer), do the rest of your face and then finish off with the mineral veil again (Loosely quoted)

I tried it and guess what? It works! After the end of the day, my face is a little bit shiny but this time, the gorengan stays where they belong! In the frying pan across the street from my office! :)