High Fashion Vs. High Street

Often times you look at some apparel in one store and they remind you to the designer’s clothes that you saw in fashion magazines! Knock off happens but I think it’s wise to avoid the exact copy because usually it will not achieve the same effect as the original. Instead, opt for the ones that are similar in looks but has little differences. The difference in the cut and the fabric of the high street versions sometimes can be comparable with the original. Sometimes due to the durability, carefree fabric, and most of all because they affordable low price, many people would wear the high street version on daily basis instead of the designer’s version.

Burberry Short Sleeve Lightweight Taffeta Dress at Bloomingdales.com $895 — Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Taffeta Couture Dress at Target.com $49.99
Miu Miu Wood Effect Wedges $470 —Xhilaration® Tally Strappy Wedges at Target.com $19.99
Stella McCartney at Net-A-Porter.com Pleated halter dress $2,095.00 — Pleated Sweater Dress at Rampage.com $54.00

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2008 Collection at style.com, possibly more than $1,000.00 — Kimchi & Blue Pieced Chiffon Blouse $58.00 at UrbanOutfitters.com

To make a new look work, you need to find the right fashion piece and have knowledge on how to make it work. For inspirations here are some blogs and articles that can be a good source in searching for your own cheap chic style:
* http:/aestheticspluseconomics.typepad.com/ has the list of substitutes for designers’ fashion pieces
* http:/stylebubble.typepad.com/ has different style on how to wear fashion pieces, find the one that works for you!
* http:/stylebytes.net/ knows the best on how to wear vintage.

“Being chic is all about having your own sense of style and feeling comfortable with it, that’s what makes for a sassy look. So if ever you’re in doubt, take a friend shopping and make sure whatever you’re buying looks really good on you. You’ll thank yourself – and your friend – later. And just think how much longer that purchase will last in your wardrobe if you really love it.” Sienna Miller

Dengan berkembangnya pusat perbelanjaan ITC and menjamurnya bazaar fashion serta tempat-tempat belanja melalui internet di Indonesia, pengetahuan saya mengenai tempat-tempat berbelanja murah meriah dan BAIK susah sangat kadaluarsa. Sumber saya adalah http://fashionesedaily.com/forum/, Fashionese Daily blog dan Shopping Directory di FashioneseDaily.com. Jika ada yg mau berbagi REVIEW tentang bazaar, toko, penjahit dan pembuat sepatu langganan, silahkan meninggalkan COMMENT POSITIVE untuk mereka di bawah artikel ini (keep in mind that they have to be the best sources for your designers’ look-a-like items).

Image credit: Bloomingdales.com, Net-A-Porter.com, Target.com, Rampage.com, Style.com, UrbanOutfitters.com, ASOS.com