What Do You Want To Be Today?

making-faces-book-copy.jpgDo you want to be like The Innocent with soft, slightly shimmery makeup like a woman in a beautiful oil pantings? Or maybe your inner strength and determination is calling you to be The Heroine with brows brushed upward and strongly lined lips? How about The Anarchist who is not afraid of unusual ways of applying eyeshadows?

There are thousands of makeup books out there, but this one is by far the most searched and used referrence book not only by professionals in the field, but also by novices like us.

Late Kevyn Aucoin (died on 2002 at age 40) was one of the most celebrated makeup artists who did countless faces of celebrities. He believes that—please bear this in your mind when doubting on whether bright red lips is too much or blue eyes make you look like a “korban KDRT” there are no rules when it comes to makeup. “Knowledgeable” people seem to pop up everywhere and make comments like your makeup is not “normal” and “acceptable”, or you don’t look “beautiful” just because you wear orange lips. To Kevyn, future belongs to those with open minds and open hearts, who can appreciate beauty in all its forms.


This book is about ideas and possiblity of looks, ranging from the most natural to the drag queens, from businesswoman to the exotic woman with petroleum-jellied eyes. Let me be honest, tho, that—speaking from experience—the latest one is only for photography purpose.

making-faces-shading-copy200px.jpgThis is a great book for “Bencong in The Making”, “Bencong Wannabe”, “Bencong dalam Rencana” selain tentu saja, “Suhu Bencong”. Before transforming your face to what you want to be today, Kevyn guides you little by little in understanding basics of faces making, starting with foundation, shading and highlighting, brow shaping, eye makeup styles, eyeliner, and different kinds of lip colors. The basics really help us in taking the next steps: making the looks, may it be glamorous, dramatic, colorful, or sensual (which he uses a guy as his model).

Then he uses everyday people, people he runs in to in restaurant or other public places, as his models and brings out the best in them. In the last chapter, we can see his stunning and magnificent work of icons on celebrities’ faces.

Two-faced is nothing. We want to be 1000-faced.