Milani, Eyeshadow On a Budget

When it comes to make up and colors, I’m sure most of us will automatically think of MAC, I know it would be nice to have every eyeshadow colors they have available, but at $14.50 a pop, it might take a loooong time for some people to accumulate all of the colors they like to have in their collection. So what a girl to do? Well that’s when Milani comes to the rescue..:D.

Not a lot of people know about Milani since their products are not widely available. Some drugstores like Walgreens and CVS carry this brand, but not in every location, even if one location has it, the collection is usually far from you just have to visit every Walgreens you happen to pass by..:D

What attracted me the most about Milani when I first saw it was their gorgeous color of eyeshadow, if I didn’t see the packaging, I could’ve sworn they were MAC..:D. I immediately snatched one of the eyeshadow palettes and tried them on without much expectation because I haven’t found one drugstore eyeshadow with strong color payoff. Turned out, Milani is not your regular drugstore brand, in terms of pigmentation, I don’t see any difference between Milani and MAC, they are just as smooth and do not crease The only catch is they tend to crumble easily if you drop them or push them too hard with your brush, but other than that I have no complain…and the sweetest thing is, they cost just $3.49 a pop.

So how come a $3.49 eyeshadow can rival a $14.50 eyeshadow? Because we all know that most of the time, quality comes with the price. Well, for one, there’s a big cost difference between renting a store or a counter in your local mall and renting a shelf in your local drugstore. And there’s that luxury thing that MAC offer, the fancy packaging, the paper shopping bag, the generous sample, the million dollar deals with the famous celebrities and the sales people that we help contribute the salary. None of that is provided by Milani and that’s why they are able to price their products perfectly for penny pinchers like me..:D

Anyway, at first I wasn’t really interested in buying their single eyeshadow because well that’s just me, I never bought an individual eyeshadow, I always buy the palettes because it’s cheaper, it’s more practical and I didn’t have to think hard to mix and match the colors. But thanks to jeng uberboston, who has introduced me to the art of depotting the single eyeshadow into the empty palettes, I now have accumulated 15 of them in just a matter of 2 days. What makes it even more fun is that Milani makes perfect dupe of MAC eyeshadow (the dupes list goes with me whenever I leave the house, just in case I passed yet another Walgreens..:D)

Here’s some examples:
MAC Brule = Milani Almondine
MAC Black Tied = Milani Storm
MAC Electric Eel = Milani Atlantis
MAC Nocturnelle = Milani Shock
MAC Sable = Milani Java Bean
MAC Sumptuous Olive = Milani Antique Gold
..and the list goes on and on

If you’re interested in depotting the eyeshadow, this website has the step by step guide…but I placed the eyeshadow on top of a burning candle for 1 minute instead of placing them in the oven, and it took me about half an hour to transfer all of them into MAC palette pan. I have to admit that this is one of the most satisfying DIY project that I have done..:D…and no, I’m not content yet as I’m still on the hunt for some more specific colors..:D

Btw, I’m sorry I brag about something that is not available back home, but hey, just in case your cousin or your co-worker is having a trip to the States in the near future, you can always ask them to bring you back some of these babies…or maybe someone is our forum is kind enough to offer a custom purchase?…:D