Getting Bronzed

Even though looking tanned isn’t really popular in our country (which is ironic considering the numbers of girls who are blessed with gorgeous dark skin here) more and more women are starting to warm up to the idea of wearing bronzers.

The truth is, wearing bronzers is not just about looking tanned, this seemingly simple product can actually serve many functions. Women with fair skin can get a healthy flush of color just by wearing a little bit of bronzer, looking “sun-kissed” in the right places while women with darker skin tone can enhance the beautiful shade of their skin with bronzers. Dust it where the sun naturally hits your face – on the apples of your cheeks, across your nose, on your forehead – and voila! You’ll look like you’ve been spending time playing around on the beach instead of being stuck in the office.

You can also use bronzers for contouring by brushing it below your cheekbones, it’s proven to look more natural than using darker color foundations or powders.

So how do you choose a good bronzer?

Well there are many many products out there so choosing one shouldn’t be too hard. You should remember though that it’s important to look for a bronzer that doesn’t make your skin look orange. The goal here is to look healthy – not like oompa loompas. For fair-skinned girls, bronzers that are golden-toned look more natural while the “deep” shaded ones will look lovely on darker-skinned women.

You can also choose products that come in powder, lotion or gel formula. I personally like powders because it’s easier to control. I recently purchased a beautiful product from Tarte that is fast becoming my HG bronzer, it’s called Mineral Powder Bronzer. It’s not too pigmented so it will be hard to put too much on your face (unless you’re really trying) plus it has a soft pearl that adds instant luminosity to your skin. I chose Park Avenue Princess (Highly Pearled Light Yellow Gold) but if you want deeper shade, they also have Hotel Heiress (deep bronze shimmer). The chic faux croc compact will also get attention from your friends everytime you snap it out of your purse for touch-ups!

Finally, I will close this post by answering a question that I’m sure will be asked by at least one of you :

Do we still have to use blusher when we wear bronzers? And the answer is : do whatever you think looks good on you. It’s make-up, not science – there are no rules and we should all have fun experimenting! ;)