Stella McCartney for LeSportSac



A great news for all Fashionese mothers and every mommy-to-be out there. I read this headline on the daily NY Metro last Wednesday while riding the subway on my way to work. Stella McCartney teamed up with LeSportSac in designing a limited edition line of travel bags, luggage, and maternity accessories (diaper bag, baby bag, etc.).

The idea for this collaboration came out when Stella McCartney and LeSportSac Chief Creative Director, Elizabeth Kiester, were talking about how uninspiring most baby bags are in today’s market. “It’s almost as if they’re made for the baby and not for the mom who’s carrying it”, added Kiester as quoted on Metro. The conversation led the British designer and mother of three, to design a collection of bags that “meet needs you didn’t even know you had”. As a busy mom, McCartney seems to understand the importance of a well-designed multipurpose handbag. A handbag which could turn out as a chic diaper bag, an overnight duffle, and gym bag, all at once. The Mum tote comes complete with changing pad, insulated pouches for baby bottles, and a removable “Mum pocket”. The Mum pocket, as McCartney calls it, is “to carry your makeup and keys or any necessary items so they’re not jumbled up with diapers“.


As a multipurpose handbag, this collection is not limited only to maternity bag. It could also serve as a daily carry-on and gym bag for active women everywhere. The bowling bag, as seen below, seems to be quite roamy. Its bottom compartment would be able to carry umbrella, lunch box, sneakers or your gym pants. Kiester, LeSportSac Creative Director, doesn’t have kids. She always carries her laptop everyday, goes to the gym after work, and a multi-functional bag is definitely her answer. “I’m not going home and changing a bag“, said Kiester, as most busy women do in every big cities. I’m not a fan of LeSportSac but I must admit that their Tokidoki line is so cute. I may reconsider what I’ve said once I see this collection myself ;)


The other good news is they’re all 100% eco-friendly. The bags are made of recycled materials, even their own dust bags. The first 17 piece of this collection would be launched this month on with price range from $200 to $350. Click here to find out more about this collection. LeSportSac previously collaborated with Gwen Stefani and Tokidoki. There’s also a thread about Diaper bags posted on our forum.

The cute Bunny Rucksack/Backpack ($120) and the Bowling bag (click on thumbnails)


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