Are You A Cult Member?

In my own definition: A cult product in the make-up universe is a product of many followers, who swear by its effectiveness in achieving a specific beauty objective of the user.

Ranging from the ultra-cheap pensil alis Viva to the uber-expensive La Mer creams. We are all raving about how these products work, and they work well! Recent cult products are the famous UDPP and the Smashbox Primer. In Fashionese Daily Forum, we are all swamped by the hype of these two. What about Shu Uemura eyelash curler? It’s definitely not too cheap for something that would send your boyfriend run away for his life, if you ever attempt on trying it on him. And yet people are still buying them. And MAC #187 stippling brush? Is anyone up for having a funky-looking brush in your roll case?

After long discussions with the friendly and knowledgeable makeup experts at the FD Forum, insider’s secrets shared by Darwyn during FD’s Kelas Dandan sessions, plus in my own light of how fun make-up is, the picks are compiled in this non-comprehensive, partial list of these cult products. The list aims to present the much-revered items in a spectrum of prices, from steals to splurges. So here it goes…

Chanel Glossimer
We all love Chanel bags, and there is no reason why we don’t give kudos to the Glossimer. It is intense enough to give you a glossy color, yet creamy, with excellent staying power. I love it, my Mom loves it. Run to your nearest Chanel store for one of these, and be prepared to pay $25.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser
They ain’t joking when they put the “most recommended brand by dermatologists” label on the bottle. The loyal users of Cetaphil owe the clean and refreshing feeling to the no-scent, no-fuss formula. At $11 or IDR 150k for a big tube with pump, the bottle will last for months.

Creme de La Mer
La Mer devotee swears by its rich and fine lines-smoothing cream. While it may be too heavy as an all-over face cream for oily skin, many have found the most economical use by only applying under the eye. Found at the high-end department stores, the smallest jar will set you back at $125.

MAC Brush #187 Duo Fibre Stippling Brush
This interesting-looking brush may look like a poor skunk tail put onto a stick, but no, it’s not made of skunk, and yes, it does have a reason why it looks like that. The #187 Stippling Brush one is so multipurpose and versatile, you can certainly find many uses for this one: picks the right amount of color when you swirl it around the loose blush powder (hello mineral make-up), cream blushes, loose powder, Mineralized Skin Finish, and to buff your foundation for the flawless look. You are buying the professional quality of MAC brushes, at $42 or around IDR 500k, at your nearest MAC counter or freestanding store.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
The tried and true, dirt-cheap mascara that’s co-habiting with expensive professional products inside a make-up artist’s train case since the 90’s. Virtually found in every drugstore in the United States, as well in leading department store in Indonesia, the cheapie mascara would not make a deep dent in your wallet at around $6 or IDR 80k.

Nars Blush in Orgasm
The running winner of best blush for years and years, in the “Best Of” section in Sephora, Allure and InStyle. The rosy shade blends effortlessly into your cheek, turning it as if you just came in under the sun for a blissful day. And we all love Nars’ sleek packaging, with recommended price at $25

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
It was FD who actually brought this fantastic, fahn-thas-tic product to my attention. This one preps your skin by instantly improving the texture and helps your make up stays better and longer.

While it’s not currently available for sale in cosmetic counters in Indonesia, join FD and keep checking the Market Plaza section where this one often pops up for sale by FD members (and while you’re at it, don’t forget to participate in the forum, and the makeup fairy will get you more of the latest scoop of great beauty tips!). In the United States, the travel size costs $15 and $36 for the full size.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Nobody is too sure what sets this eyelash curlers apart from its peers, but it just works! In the cosmos where all eyelash curlers live, this one is the queen at $18 or around IDR 200k.

Shu Uemura Cleanse Off Oil
Make-up diehards testify that the price justifies the result. It cleanse off your stubborn waterproof make up in a cinch. No eyelid-tagging necessary — if only you can hold your breath while handing out $62 (in the North America) or IDR 800k (in Indonesia).

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Let me try to sum up all the ladies’ rave on “UDPP”: it helps your eye make-up crease-free, longer-lasting and help the colors pop on your eyelid. The only drawback is the packaging – it doesn’t allow you to peruse all the product there is inside the bottle. Despair not, this blog gives you direction on how you could get the most bang for the $15 price tag.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Lip balm, lip gloss base, protecting severely dry hands from further chafing. Apply over your hairline during DIY hair dye session to keep your skin from looking auburn, even to bizarre uses, such as removing gum from your hair. At a mere $3 or IDR 30k, found at your friendly neighborhood drugstore, you would love to think that this little humble jar does everything for you!

Pensil Alis Viva
Priced at about IDR 12k, it works just as well as its more expensive counterpart. The color works very well with Asian eyebrow shade.

Granted, it’s hard to satisfy everyone. The list, by no-means, aims to appease each and everyone out there. But you may want to try out these product, and judge by your own standards. But the testimonials of a rather large audience that made them to become the must-have products inside the make-up bag, novice and experts alike.

That being said, we would love to hear your addition to this short list of cult products. The best part of makeup is the trial and error, and discovery of treasure in the process. So, do spill and share your poisons and potions!