60. Inside Anette’s Bag

The bag: Grey-flashy-Furla-backpack from my sister, the bag flashed whenever light strikes it ^^.  I know it’s a bit peculiar, but it accommodates my fave-needy things.

The contents:

  • Elise Caarels make up purse with Grey leaves accent (inside are my Oriflame make up: foundation, compact powder, blush on, lipstick, mascara)
  • Grey Prada make up purse containing my baby-blue Sony DSC-W30 Cyber Shot, phone charger, cable data.
  • Small LeSportSac purse to accommodate my wallet, phone, and fags for lunch time.
  • Phone charger and pouchnya
  • Card holder Braun Buffel
  • Gucci shades
  • Red Japanese wallet
  • Tissue kering
  • Wet tissue yg wanginya sueegeer dan ueenaakk banget
  • Mike Gayle newest book: Wish-You-Were-Here
  • Nokia N73
  • Nivea soft cream
  • LV glasses case for my Gucci shades
  • Black Prada wallet
  • Jepit hitam dan ikat rambut hati
  • The Body Shop tiny hair brush
  • My anonymous reading glasses in its clear-pink-made-in-Japan-case
  • Mini Mont Blanc pen + case

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