Logo A Gogo..

Have you voted on the new poll in the front page? This time, I threw a question regarding wearing designer logos. Some people like logoed stuff, some people totally loathe it. Different strokes for different folks, they say. As for myself, there are logoed stuff that I like and dying to have, but there are also some stuff that I think are hideous. Most of the time though, it depends on how you wear it and how you mix and match it with the other elements in your outfit.

But I always follow this rule when it comes to logo: no more than one visible logo in one outfit!! It’s been a pretty easy rule for me to follow since I don’t have many logoed stuff to begin with..:D, but even if I have a rack full of logoed stuff, I would never wear them together. I don’t want to look like a walking billboard, thank you very much!

The pictures of Hillary duff up there can be shown as example. In the first picture, she is carrying her LV speedy azur bag and wearing flats emblazoned with Chanel logo. In the second picture, she is toting her LV speedy monogram bag with a Burberry cap. Two logos in one outfit! I think the logos are wearing her instead of her wearing her clothes, not to mention that there are too many prints in the second outfit. The bags, the shoes and the cap are beautiful on their own, but when worn together, they are just too much and instead of showing her personality through her clothes, she’s showing how much she has spent for her outfit.

And how about Missy Elliots sporting her Dior trench coat, Dior cap, and is that a Dior shirt underneath? Or is that a Dior vest with a Dior Belt? All from the rasta line. Whatever it is, her whole look is just tacky.

Of course, you can find more examples in real life, like at the mall. I’m sure you’ve seen a girl totingĀ  an LV monogram bag, with her Gucci monogram mules, with an Hermes belt wrapping her little waist (the one with the big H), and probably with Chanel sunglasses placed sitting pretty on her head, you know the one with the interlocking CC on each side that you can tell it’s Chanel from a mile away. Hideous, isn’t it? To me, she screams fashion victim. Designers stuff from head to toe is fine if that’s your lifestyle, just not the one swamped with logos.

How about you? How many logos will you wear in one outfit?