Manolo Blahnik Collection for Men


Manolo Blahnik relaunches a footwear collection for men after 7 years of absence. The shoe maestro has created a six-piece collection of men shoes, due in store around February 2008. His men line will be a small collection, from Oxfords, sandals, and classic pieces with a twist ( loud prints and vibrant colors, as seen on the picture). I received this news from my husband around a month ago and those 3 shoes are the only preview available. I wasn’t able to find more preview of the complete collection. Looking at those shoes I thought they could be unisex. They would perfectly look great or maybe better on women feet, especially the open-toe sling back blue oxfords (first shoe on the top) *yummy* 

So, would you let your Man to wear Manolos?

*I definitely would but unfortunately, my hubby would never wear them for sure, he’d rather stay with his sneakers.*

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