Fergie Goes Glam

Last month, MAC Cosmetic announced that Fergie Ferguson will be the next Viva Glam spokeswoman. I’m not a fan of Fergie, but I can see why MAC went for her, I think it was because she’s different/unique and has a strong personality, just like the rest of the past Viva Glam faces who didn’t fall into the doll-like face category like Lil Kim, Pamela Anderson, Chloe Sevigny, etc. The campaign images and the new colors will be unveiled in February 2008.

For those who aren’t familiar: Viva Glam is one of the programs established by MAC, the cosmetics giant, as part of their MAC AIDS Fund. To date, over 95 million dollars has been raised to help people whose lives are impacted by HIV and AIDS.

For more info about the Viva Glam program visit : http://www.macaidsfund.org/.