Twelve by Twelve

I know this line has been launched since last June, but I didn’t feel like writing about it last time because the collection was still minimal when I saw it online. I just checked it again this morning and I found out that they have added more collection into the line.

Twelve by Twelve is an expensive and more sophisticated sister of Forever 21. If in Forever 21, we find endless array of clothes with every colors and every designs imaginable, we will not find such concept in Twelve by Twelve. Instead of producing different kind of tops, pants, and skirts..the designer in Twelve by Twelve created items that will easily go together. Everything will be in the same theme to make you look pulled together with a luxury twist. The prices are 35% higher, but the material is nicer, the tailoring is better, and it’s more detail oriented.

Bottom line, I’m liking this line, there are a few outerwears that I’m eye-ing for. Too bad I’ve promised myself not to buy anymore winter attributes since *hopefully* this winter will be my last winter here…:o)

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