Secret Wardrobe

Have you heard about this newly launched boutique called Secret Wardrobe that is located in Pondok Indah area? It’s not just another boutique as it carries mainly Indie designers from both local and international designers. We all know that Indie designers clothes translate to elegantly tailored clothes and exclusivity, because they only create a handful of inventory for each design. The boutique has everything you need to make you look, and feel, special. Trust me, you can count on Secret Wardrobe for pretty dresses and feminine blouse that are totally wearable. In addition to that, they also create unique handmade bags and clutches that have been exported to Australia and Singapore. Bottom line, ff you like to look luxurious with versatile clothes, or you just need an instant dose of femininity…this is the place for you to shop.

Here is a little Question & Answer with the Owner, Intan Anggraini:

The brands

Alexia Admor, Yoanna Baraschi, All About Chemistry, Secret Wardrobe Original, Amelia Toro, Hayden Harnett, mostly designers from Los Angeles and New York.


The story behind Secret Wardrobe

The decision actually was made long time ago. To be exact, it was when I decided to be in the fashion industry. I was attracted to all things beautiful, design-oriented material. I know every item has a purpose but with a good design, we splurge our senses with good things. Isn’t it a bonus? After completion of my study in US, I came back to my home country in Jakarta. Meeting new people with the same interest, I found an opportunity to make my passion a reality. Coupled with lucks, I found other partners abroad and we decided to open Secret Wardrobe.

The reason to go with Indie designers

Mass Market trends are no longer individual. We are here bringing you unique eclectic fashion products that are ingeniously unique and will suit your unique personal style.

The influencer

Hollywood definitely influence our merchandise selection. Many of the stars have the best style in the world. Some of them are, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson. We have a team of merchandiser located abroad. They look out for unique style and shop around the world and watch the news to get the most updated look. Each shipment comes every two weeks to 1 month depending on the season and availability.

The owner personal style

My personal style would be modern. I am open to any style. I am always in search of everything unique. I love to shop at antique market as well as retailers. Anything that soothes my mind creates an individual uniqueness, I believe so.

The discount

Good deals and promo is always available, join our mailing list. You may let me know your email address or home address to ( that we can update you by catalog or newsletter every month.

I *heart* gray and jeweled neckline

Pictures from the grand opening

Price Range
Casual Tops From Rp 300,000,- to Rp 800,000,-
Dressy Tops From Rp 500,000 to Rp 1,500,000,-
Dresses From Rp 800,000,- to 2,500,000,-

Services Offered
Stylist is available upon request.
Tailoring is free when purchasing any item
Gift Wrapping Available
SMS order 24 Hours
Catalog order

Jl. Margaguna Raya Blok D-8
Plaza Lima, Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan 12310
Phone #: 72780224

Business Hours
Shop 10.30 AM to 8.30 PM
Online Coming Soon