Introducing The New FD Directory


Calling all shoppers and store owners. The new Fashionese Daily Directory is now Live and ready to use. Please notice that the old FD Online Store directory link is no longer available.

Thanks to FD’s growing readership, we’ve had quite a few inquiries from businesses, some requesting to be reviewed and others requesting to be added to the FD Online Store directory. While it is our mission to help promote various businesses within Indonesia’s fashion and beauty industry, it has been difficult at times for us to review and judge listings submitted to us on a regular basis not to mention accommodating periodic enhancement requests from site owners, such as : URL changes, name changes etc. The new FD directory provides a unique platform that can address the above issue and allow us to exclusively focus on what we love the most and what we do best, Blogging !

Business owners can now submit their listings for Free, with upgrade option for those who feel necessary. It provides business owners the ability to maintain and administer their listing(s) and utilize features such as, adding product listings, banners, real time reviews and feedback. With recent growth in the fashion and apparel store, FD directory can hopefully be a comprehensive listing of all online and off line businesses within the beauty and fashion industry for all of us to share. Whether you have a based store, a freestanding online store, a boutique, a factory outlet, or a hair salon, we hope that the new directory will be able to accommodate your need and provide us (the consumers) with a comprehensive and informative listings of stores. And off course, it means another place for us to spend our shopping allowance on besides going to Zara and Mango. Enjoy!

PS : There may be some unidentified bugs here and there due to the recent launch of the directory. If you see any error, please report it to us immediately.