Bali Gears Up for 7th Fashion Week !

BaliFashionWeekCapitalizing on the success of previous years events, Bali will host the annual fashion showcase and trade event once again. The event, dubbed ‘Bali Fashion Week VII‘ will take place on November 22-25, 2007 at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Resort, Kuta, Bali.

Some of the agendas are FashiONthestreet, Fashion Talk Seminars and Discussion, Trade Show and Expos, Art and Fashion Performance, along with the International Designer’s Fashion Show highlighting the event. It will feature Bali’s prominent designers such as Oka Diputra, Putu Aliki, Muji Ananta, and Bintang Mira to name a few. The glamorous runway scene along with Bali’s vibrant art and culture creates an exotic balance of art and fashion unique to the industry. This year’s event, themed “Fashion Meets Art” will feature a wide variety of spontaneous and unexpected attractions, particularly through the street carnival. All the different elements of Bali Fashion Week is aimed to raise the profile of the many highly talented designers to be found in Bali and the rest of Indonesia. Bali fashion week is not just a celebration of fashion, but also serves as a means of boosting the economic potential of Bali, both as a tourism destination and as a place in which to do business.


Pioneered by Mrs. Ika Mardiana, an Indonesian born Hong Kong based designer, Bali Fashion Week has been highly successful in supporting Indonesia’s fashion industry, promoting it abroad and attracting the interest of many buyers, volunteers and media representatives and even participants from abroad, for more than seven years. Organized by Moda Bali Convex, the event has gained popularity year after year, evidenced by the growing number of participants. This year, it is expected that no less than 200 participants will take place in the event. “Everyone is now eager to take part in Bali Fashion Week”, she said. The participation of International Designers has encouraged a spirit of healthy competition, allowing local designers to better gauge global demand and tastes.

Bali Fashion Week will also feature competition to promote those new to the industry. Among them are ASIAN Student Fashion competition where fashion schools can send two of their fashion design students to participate in the competition. The Award Model Competition offers new models access into a professional model career as well as a look behind the scenes of what it is like on a daily basis for an aspiring or professional model, to give them a chance to be recognized and to break into the world class modeling. The winner for 07 Bali Fashion Week Models Award will have a chance to be invited to walk at the fashion show in the Hong Kong Fashion Week in January, 2008. Finally, the Fashion Photo Competition is seeking participant that brings a fresh photographic style to the fashion industry, fashion media, and captures the spirit and quality of Bali Fashion Week.

Bali Fashion Week is truly a well rounded fashion event. Bali’s impeccable venue creates an atmosphere unmatched in the industry. We will continue to follow on the progress and keep you updated on this special event.

So who’s going ?