Primer Review – MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone


The newest addition from their Prep + Prime family turns out to be a real star! MAC Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone is a lightweight, oil-free, soy-based lotion that gives you a matte finish once applied on the skin. According to the product knowledge, this primer can make your pores appear smaller and even unclogs them over time. I don’t know about the long-term effect but it does sort of create a “barrier” between my rather large pores and the foundation so when I apply the foundation, it does not sit on the pores but glides perfectly on top of them! Me likey!

The lasting power is considerably better than the first Prep + Prime. I did have to blot my face with a tissue once in the afternoon but there wasn’t any visible melting or cracking. I really like the mattefying effect that sometimes I’d wear it without any foundation so just the primer and powder on top and I could still achieve the flawless look.

Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone is available in any MAC counter for Rp. 188.000

Tips : To use this primer you actually have to wait until they dry before putting on anything on top because when first applied it feels a bit wet. But don’t worry, it’s not gonna be long and the drydown will give your skin a smooth & silky feeling.