Primer Review – MAC Prep + Prime

This brand actually has 3 different foundation primers, each with its own distinct feature and benefit that I decided to write a separate review for each product.

The first Prep + Prime is a lotion formula with special-effect silicones that calms and soothes the skin. If you look really closely, MAC Prep+Prime has a teeny tiny pearl particle so it doesn’t give you a mega-watt shimmery effect but only a nice, very subtle glow. The texture is smooth and silky on my skin and my liquid foundation blends easily on top of it. It really does make a difference on how the foundation looks on my face, somehow it looks even, soft and flawless.

However, I can not say the same thing about the staying power. On the day I wore Prep + Prime, I was quite busy and had to spend most of the day out of the office. Though I was mostly in an air-conditioned room and car, it was a very hot and humid day. So when I was finally home later that evening, I automatically checked my reflection on the mirror to see what has happened to my makeup and…yikes! My face was very very oily and the foundation had melted a little bit in a few parts!

So even though I’d give MAC Prep + Prime 8,5 points for enhancing the appearence of my skin when I just applied my foundation, I would give it a 5 for not being able to make the foundation last longer.