RFJ collection at the JA Summer Show 2007

The designer in front of her exhibition booth at the JA Summer Show 2007, courtesy of Infrez Design

Two Indonesian jewelry designers have participated in the JA Summer Show 2007, a prestigious international jewelry exhibition held at the Javitz Convention Center in New York from July 29th to August 1st 2007. One is an established jewelry manufacturer from Surabaya and the other one is RFJ ( ‘Reny Feby Jewelry’), who keeps on gaining positive responses in the international scene of jewelry trade shows. RFJ is designed by Reny Feby who first set up her own home-based jewelry industry in 2000. Under the wings of INFREZ Design, her US distributor based in Washington D.C. and lead by an Indonesian entrepreneur; Corina Sumarna, RFJ has been exhibiting her collection since July in several jewelry trade shows around the States, from Los Angeles, New York, to Washington D.C as their final stop.

RFJ is committed to promote the beauty of Indonesian jewelry and craftsmanship to the international market and shares the idealism to create job opportunities and bringing greater welfare to their craftsmen. RFJ has been a regular participant of several jewelry trade shows around the world, especially in Europe and Asia. RFJ’s LAND collection (as seen on the left) was a big hit during the JA Summer Show 2007. The collection features several innovative designs of cocktail rings and bangles using ebony wood as its main material. Many prospective buyers and media industry have expressed their interests into the collection, among others are Intermix, Smart Bargains, and the renowned publication, Lucky magazine. At last, another contribution of a talented Indonesian that we should be proud of.

sources: Infrez Design, ja-newyork.com, renyfebyjewelry.com