Facelift is in the works..

For Fashionese Daily that is..;). We are putting together a new platform, with a new layout and system to make the site more user friendly and interactive. We’re also migrating the entire blog from blogger over to wordpress. Hopefully the new and improved system will be visually appealing to everyone and make the information flow more visible.

We’ve had a few request to add a community forum on the site so this will be added for easier interaction. Everyone should be able to post topics, questions, share style advice, latest shopping haul and basically just discuss anything related on what this blog is all about. We will utilize a single-sign-on feature on the back-end (for forum and comments), but we will still leave the anonymous option open on the comments for those who like to lay low.

Hopefully everything will be ready for launching by mid June. On the meantime, feel free to leave any feedback on what you’d like to see on here and we’ll try to accommodate them as much as we can. Maybe some new features or categories? Advice on design? Site navigation? Anything?