Things I will never wear

I know, I probably should never say NEVER, right?

Acid wash denim (ick!), along with colored jeans

Cargo pants, the cropped ones are okay for summer, but I can never wear the long ones.

Cowboy boots, because..I’m not a cowboy and don’t wanna look like one. I hope my eyes would never laid on people wearing cowboy boots with dress.

Baseball Cap, trucker hat and any other hats except those ‘kupluk’ for winter

Crocs. These are everywhere here, me thinks these should stay in the garden.

Denim on denim, but of course I’ve worn them together once..:D


Fringe on clothing, or excessive fringes at other stuff like shawl/bags

FUR, real or faux

Leather Pants, I can’t even wear leather jackets.

Long skirts and long dresses

Mini skirt and hot pants and skorts (skirt/short)

Overalls, I don’t even like them on kids.

Poncho. I’ve bought a poncho before but that thing never saw the light of day.

Sneakers, when I’m not doing anything athletic!!

Statement or slogan tees except varsity tees.

UGGs because they are soo UGGly

Heheh..banyak juga yah? Masih banyak lagi sih sebenernya. Misalnya scrunchies, haha..padahal waktu SD atau SMP dulu banyak banget koleksi scrunchies nya, warna warni pula…ada yang beli nya Rp 1000 dapet 3 di melawai, ada juga yang evita peroni. Huhu, tetep aja setelah beberapa kali di pake kan agak bau bau nggak enak.

Trus selain itu yang nggak pernah di pake juga baggy/flared jeans, bomber jacket/parka, bright colors legging, hip hop/gothic clothing, anything from Von Dutch and Tommy Hilfiger, celebrities clothing line like Baby Phat, J-lo, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, etc, dengan pengecualian beberapa barang dari LAMB – Gwen Stefani. Trus juga nggak mau pake anything patchwork.

How about you? I’m sure there are things you don’t wanna be caught dead wearing…:D