On Your Toes

I walked past the shoes section at Macys last Friday and these sandals (left pic)caught my eyes, I couldn’t help but trying them on. They are from MICHAEL Michael Kors, I like this second line from Michael Kors because they are really good, not outrageously expensive for the quality that is offered. These sandals are $89, it’s a bit on the pricy side but If I were to splurge on a pair of flip flops, these would be the one. Unlike other flip flops that seem to be flimsy, these ones are sturdy. Kayaknya nggak gampang putus, apalagi kan ada toe ringsnya. The chain gives a richer feel and there’s that thicker sole at the back, jadi nya nggak berasa nginjek tanah banget. They are more gorgeous in real that in the picture, I think they look too masculine in the pictures. I was envisioning myself wearing these sandals to complement my caftan dress and wear them together to a beach party, but then I was snapped back to reality and just had to place them back and ran to H&M to return my sister stuff.

There’s lots and lots of pretty sandals to choose from this summer. There’s the jeweled ones, the gladiator, the ones with chain, the patent leather, etc. These are summer essentials because everybody needs a pair of dressy sandals, you don’t want to go to a pool party wearing your beat up black rubber flip flops. In here unfortunately, everybody wear those ugly flip flops, they wear them religiously everywhere throughout the summer. I know it’s so easy to slide your feet in those flip flops, but it takes the same effort to wear prettier sandals. Don’t they know that those thick rubber flip flops will just ruin the look of their perfectly pedicured toe nails?.

*first picture from macys.com, second is from shopintuition.com and the rest is from urbn.com