Inspired by BCBG

I was browsing BCBG look book the other day and one particular look caught my eyes because of its color palette, particularly the coral colored cardigan. I have a bolero in the same color that I barely wear because, for the life of me, I couldn’t find the perfect color combination other than pairing it with jeans and white top. Looking at this look makes me realized that coral goes well with khakis and blue. You think since I’ve been pairing it with jeans I would automatically think that it would also goes well with blue top. Well, obviously that is not the case with me..:p.

I immediate went to to my closet to find the same color combination. I found a khaki cropped pants who was once a long bell bottom pants. I don’t have a blue top like glanced toward my jewelry hangers and found the same shade of blue in the form of a necklace that my best friend got me from Bali. I was pretty excited by then. After that, I threw a white shirt and voila, I just put together an outfit that I would never thought of if I didn’t stumbled upon the look book. I know it’s not exactly the same, and I think that’s the whole point of being inspired. If it looks good in the magazine or on a mannequin doesn’t mean it will also looks good on you. You have to work with your shape and with what you like and what you have.

This made me wondering how other people create an outfit. How do you do it? Are you one of those people who are blessed with a natural ability to whip together a stylish outfit? Or do you have to learn to be stylish? Where do you look for inspiration? Magazine? Celebrity? Or maybe from random people you see everyday?

More pictures from the website. I love anything BCBG. I think BCBG stays true to its acronyms, Bon Chic Bon Genre (good style good attitude). They have tons of adorable tops and dresses that are wearable and scream effortless chic. and the size runs big, so it makes me feel better about my body..:D.